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Director's Message

"A school which is truly reflective believes in itself. We say a team of Principal and teachers are truly empowered when they have developed this ability not as individuals but as an organization, as group, as a system.

To look within and reflect deeply from such insight develops the school, its culture and its pedagogy. In some ways, a school is truly empowered if its the school that learns, thinks, innovates and values itself, that is the teacher of the school. A school needs to create a culture not of encouragement, but of empowerment." [Read More]

About The School

Swami Ram Tirtha Senior Secondary School is governed by Swami Ram Tirtha Memorial Society. The school is an English medium co-educational institution affiliated to all India Central Board of Secondary Education C.B.S.E, New Delhi.

It aims at developing the all around ability of students with an approach that leads to proper appreciation of academics, ethical, and moral excellence that goes into making a complete person. The institution is located in the heart of Mohali nestling in a green oasis in phase-IV, occupies 2.4 acres of land amidst picturesque surroundings... [Read More]